7SeasRope Bracelet

Show your support for a clean marine environment. These tasteful bracelets are individually hand made from rope collected during our beach clean ups.  Each is unique .




Hand crafted re-purposed rope bracelet

The 7SEASROPE ™ bracelets are made from old ropes, pieces of old fishing nets or anchor lines. So from things that we also find day by day on the beach or in the sea. Objects that, if not picked up, can be life threatening to many sea creatures.

The bracelets  are made by our dedicated team from collected rope. Each of the bracelets is a unique piece, because none is like the other!

The band consists of remnants of old ropes, linen or fishing nets. The small pendant is made of pressed wood and is also produced locally on the coast of South Africa.

Important note: each of the bracelets is unique .
During the order process (after you have placed the product in your shopping cart and on the page where you provide your shipping address, you will find below a box with the name “order note”.) Here you can specify your color preferences (or thick or We promise that we will try to fulfill your wishes as well as possible! Of course, this is only as long as, for example, there are still “blue” or “twisted” or green ribbons, so unfortunately there is NO guarantee for a complete In certain cases, we would send you one that comes closest to your wishes.

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