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Who we are

7seasrope was started by  a group of  people who have spent their whole lives working on and living at the ocean. On a daily basis there is an endless tide of man-made debris polluting the oceans and shoreline. The effects of this pollution it is having on the ocean wildlife can clearly be seen.

7seasrope is an organisation that conducts beach clean-ups with the community and volunteer projects to remove this polluting debris. We aim to restore our coastlines  and  remove the threat to marine animals and birds.

We repurpose the pollution we collect to fund further clean ups.


Why we are

Over 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based activities.

Humans generate more than 300 million tons of plastic annually and estimates indicate that upwards of 8 million tons of plastic are added to the planet’s oceans every year. It is thought that 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles are killed by plastic every year.

Every tear you cry ends up back in the ocean system. Every third molecule of carbon dioxide you exhale is absorbed into the ocean and every second breath you take comes from the oxygen produced by plankton. Wherever you are in the world, this applies to you.


Meet Our Team

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